Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

hCG Day 14

As mentioned yesterday, tomorrow will be a hard day and yes, today was a very hard day. I did fine all day long with my diet, except for dinner wie went to the big yellow M. We just surprised the children by doing something they like very much and it does not happen so often.
I ordered a Caesar Salad, which I thought was the best choice that I could make. Well, I actually don't know, the kcal was fine, except that there war parmesan cheese in and the 2 pieces of chicken were fried. But as I did not eat till to 4 p.m. o'clock. Had some plain sausages with some mustard and 3-4 bites of watermelon. So I quess, even I had not much I probably had a little more that 500 kcal.

There is something that was very, very good today. I was able to wear a dress to the funeral, that I have never worn before. It is in my closet for the last, a little more than, 5 years. It is from Hugo Boss and Meneer van Duin bought it for me in Alkmaar. Now I truly fit it, even better when I tried it the first time. The occasion was sad, but it was beautiful to wear something special for Jethro, I even pressed my hurt foot in red patent leather shoes, that I ones got from Italy.

By the way our Wii broke, and without a scale ( my sister in Vienna got me a nice one Juchuuu)we will see tomorrow, how the results will be and how I will get them.
I am tired from all the emotions that ran through me the last 7 days. I am tired from being strong.
Tomorrow is always fresh.....

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