Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2014

hCG Day 2

My night was not peaceful, remember we have a little baby girl and so I had the pleasure to get up some couple times. In the morning she slept peacefully and me too. So I was late and had to rush all morning long, which was not good at all.

I took my 5 globules went to weigh myself and was not hungry. As I had to hurry, I took two nectarines on the way and lots of water and my "bakfiets" with two children to run errands. For lunch I had this
and than we rushed to a wedding reception (more about that on Feel like a Princess) took 5 globules and enjoyed some lovely finger food and lots of water again. Boy, it was sooooo hot, today.
On the way back home I started to not feel good and thought I should eat. I did not eat so much so far. And I did not take my vitamins, which I added after dinner as a desert.
Spaghetti Carbonara and cucumber salad for Dinner. Mhmm, the last time carbs for I while I thought and went for a nice walk with the baby and our dog. I got myself something I have not eaten in years "Maltesers". Oh, I had the whole package and did not even feel guilty about it. Weird, not at all guilty!
Tomorrow will be the first day with 500 kcal. I found today some lovely recipes on Pinterest and actually I am looking forward to it. This morning I was a little worried and asked myself some questions like:
"How will I do with so less food?" "How will my body react to it?" "How will my mood be?" "How will it affect my motherhood?" "Will I be a grumpy wife?" etc.
Facebook Friends share their worries, which I appreciate. I am not worried now and I will take good care and see in those 21 very strict days how it will go, how I will feel and will report.
So till tomorrow and lovely dreams, A.-Alexandra

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