Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

Day 23

my feet feel so lovely! Wonderful! I love to have nice smooth feet.

For breakfast I had left over from yesterday. I thought carbs in the morning is better than at lunch time. I am reading a nice book that I got to my 40ies birthday not long ago.
Christine Kaufmann, Lebenslust. I fell in love with her and her books when I was 17. Reading about Beauty and how to love your Body......

One topic in her book is about (Flohsamen) psyllium seeds. How they help to clean the intestines. My "Losing weight friend" brought me some from germany last week and I am trying it out. Yes I need to go more often to the toilet, but somehow I feel better. I will keep on doing it.
For Dinner I had salad. Just plain salad. I did not want to cook for dinner, so we had chicken, salad and tomato soup with noodles.I did not want to eat the soup. I really would like to lose more weight.
As always I drink much and that helps not to eat so much!

Happy 7 Days to go

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