Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014

hCG Day 9

My daughter's Birthday! She is 1. I did good, when I think about it, because it was hard to keep doing what I am supposed to do with all the ice cream and sweets around me. Swimming was my sport today! I miss swimming and today I got the chance and took it happily!

Dinner was a little hard, my husband cooked and that is always delicious. But there I always did quiet fine with a nice salad. I love salads!

As dinner times are sometimes hard times, I always feed my little girl first. Than the rest of the family is almost finished, that makes it a little easier. ( not always though)
Taking the globules got very natural. I do not even have to think about it too much anymore. Just sometimes I forget my vitamins and other supplements.
I was not perfect following my hCG diet, but almost! (had a little bit of the birthdaycake and two spoons of the macaroni :))
Live is beautiful!

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