Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

Day 22

my scale is broken, or I like to think that! After the very lovely dinner yesterday I did not lose any weight, but actually I do not know. When I step on it, there is always another number displayed. It became wet yesterday night very, very wet (the boys had a water-party) The water run out, so I truly think it is broken. I do not like that, I need a scale!

Breakfast did not turn out good. Burned-Dukan-Pancakes. Good Morning! I never thought what BREAKFAST means. Break the fast, in the night we are fasting and as we eat in the morning, than we break the fasting. Aha.
Lunch was that yummy Lasagna than meneer van Duin made. Oh, how I love that. My smallest son and I had all the rest. So for Dinner I was not truly so hungry, so we had Chicken with Rice and a bigger kind of green beans. Liked it, just a little heavy, so I know what I will have tomorrow for lunch.
Workout: Not really just a little, to school and back, but I had a wonderful evening with my pedicure. One hour of relaxation. Well treated feet and nicely painted toenails. Lovely!
Happy 8 Days to go

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