Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2014

Another 30 Days start tomorrow!

A package from Germany arrived today and I was so happy that I threw it in the air laughing out loud. I was waiting for that package and thinking if I really, really want to do it and write about it? Yes, I will and I want to let you all know about, what it does to me, how I feel and that again for the next 30 Days!
Tomorrow is only 8 more minutes away and I am nervous already. Day 1 and 2 I am allowed to actually eat whatever and how much I like. Much fat and carbs. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am not feeling so good about it, as I was working hard the last 30 Days to loose weight, but I have to. I have to, to lose efficient weight in the coming weeks.
So I will get some "sinful food", enjoy and eat with much delight.
Tomorrow, I will let you know more about it.
Good night, A.-Alexandra

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