Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2014

hCG Day 1

it is truly starting and I am a little nervous!

My day started by taking the first time 5 of the Gonadotropin C30 homeopathic globules. Leaving them on my tongue as long as possible. My thought was "I am starting a new journey!"
As my scale is not working properly, I put on my Wii board and weight myself. Usually it always shows a little more than my scale, but that one is for sure not correct anymore after all the water it was standing in (the boys had a tub-party).
These are the results of today's measurements:

Somehow my hCG Day 1 was weird! Weird in that way, as I could eat whatever I wanted - I did not know what I wanted to eat, because I was not hungry at all.

So I started with a kind of breakfast that I did not eat for very, very long. Cereal, oatmeal, banana, nuts, raisins and psyllium with milk. It was yummy but I did not really like it. Mhmmmm

With, or after breakfast like every day my vitamin supplies and in These 30 days they will be very important.

In between I snacked nectarines and I tried some of the chocolate, that we got weeks ago. (tasted not good)

Before lunch I took again 5 globuli and about 30 min. later I had a sandwich. I was not hungry again. Not at all, but as I read it is very important to eat lots and lots the first two days, so I do it!

I had to run some errands in the afternoon and took my bike. I did not take it for almost a week. (My achilles heel inflammation was to bad the last days, but today I could not do any different after eating and eating so much.)
It was very hot today and I was having the feeling to be a little bit out of balance. On the bicycle I could feel that very strong. Something in me was different, there's something going on.
Much water all day, I tried Juice but again did not like it, way to sweet, so water, water, water.
Dinner was fun time. We had "Bratwurst" got it from a german store with potato wedges, mustard and ketchup and cheese fondue with Baguette. Before dinner again 5 globuli.
And as a desert something I really like, varieties of nuts covered with chocolate. But guess what? It was not yummy, not at all.
I am truly questioning myself, what is going on? I do like the food that I chose to eat. Sometimes I am even grieving for it, but today I did not like anything.

Let me shortly explain what is hcg? Hcg stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. The hormone hCG is formed by every person in small amounts in the pituitary and in males in the testes. During pregnancy, the placenta is building it an it is very important for the maintenance of pregnancy.
By taking hCG globuli I am actually telling my body a sort of lie. What does natural hCG do. It helps the child to get whatever it needs to survive. So if needed an early unborn will use all the fat cells of the mother to survive. It started in the US States for the "rich and beautiful" by injecting the real hormon to get their figure back again. In Germany the way of homeopathic globules was found where there is no actual hCG hormone in, only the information.
And it works, men and women are losing their fat in problem zones. By taking 23 days 3 till 4 times a day 5 hCG globuli eat 2 days very much, to fill the fat reservoirs and have than 21 lean-days with only 500 kcal per day.
I heard about it 4-5 months ago and was very sceptical. Got more and more information was still sceptical till a friend of mine started it and I saw how it is working. How she is doing good and truly loosing fat where it is wished. Belly, thighs, hips, upper arms! Amazing!!
We will see in the next 29 days how it will be, A.-Alexandra

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