Montag, 7. Juli 2014

Day 28

in the early sunny morning I had a little bit of time for myself.

As I got ready for church - what a big surprise as I looked at the scale this morning! I stepped on and of some couple times. It showed a very lovely number under 70 kg. I reached my goal!

After church I am always sooooooo very hungry, so I had some melon, some cooked corn and some more of my lovely nut-bread.
I was in such an euphoria, that in the afternoon, I took a little bit of chips and cookies, even some sweets came into my mouth. I should not do that, not at all.
Sunday, the day of rest, so no sport and somehow truly relaxing.
Dinner served homemade broccoli soup with some nice baguette with herb-butter, but no pic.
I need to be careful!

Happy 2 Day's to go

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