Samstag, 19. Juli 2014

hCG Day 4

I am only 4 days busy with my new "Happy 30 Day's" and I can feel a difference. Amazing!
Yesterday, I just needed to sleep after such a hot day and so I wrote "yesterday" today. Which I don't like so much, as I am experiencing already a new day.
After weighing myself this morning, I had fun on my Wii board for some time. Happy to see my amount of kg and to feel so fresh. I had 10 g less that on my Day 1. (If that is the reason, why you can eat the first 2 days so much, super!)
A sort of routine is starting to kick in by taking globules etc. I am still reading a lot (Anne Hild, Die hCG Diät) at the moment and searching the internet. I can find much in the german speaking sector. in the english sector not so much at the moment, but who knows!
I found lovely recipes and read that there is a new cooking book from the author Anne Hild, I think I will get that and try it out. The food that I found so far is always super yummy and actually does not seem to be "diet food" When I think about diet food, I think about "Knäckebrot mit nix" - "Crispbread with nothing"!
Hot again, very hot, so for lunch I decided to have a nice fruit salad (two oranges and an apple). I read later this evening that there is a limit to fruit, one or two a day. I had 3, but probably I had 2, because I shared with my litte daughter who loves to eat healthy.

In the afternoon, I spoiled myself with two small tomatoes from my terrace. and some hour later a bigger on, after shopping.
Not to forget the loads of water vitamins etc. and an extremly good dinner that Meneer van Duin made. Again, later I found out that for veggies, only one kind at the time and not to mix veggies and salad, sorry. So I had little of veggies, with chicken and salad (cucumber and iceberg lettuce).
As I was taking a walk today I thought about, what this hCG does and how I feel. I felt my collarbone, it is more out than usual. I love that. I remember when I was still dancing, how I always loved to feel it how it is sticking out a little. Than I thought it is only my second day, how can that be?

We will see, I will see, but for now it is bedtime, A.-Alexandra

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