Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

Day 25

my Happy 30 Days are soon over and I am busy with so many other things than myself. I did not do once Yoga, like I wanted. I started to read in a very funny book. Susanne Fröhlich "Der Hund, die Krähe, das Om.... und ich"!  A Yoga-Journal. Will I start tomorrow?

Scrambled eggs for breakfast and 2 or 3 spoons of Cornflakes (I truly miss them).

I made a very nice oat flakes-nuts bread. Yummy, very good. A teacher of Elias told me two das ago a very lovely recipe.

250 gram oat
3 eggs
200ml milk
nuts a smany you wish
in a cake form
50 min / 170°
in addition a banana or an apple in small pieces to it.
Sport was like so many other days B I C Y C L I N G ! About 12 km. Like every Thursday going to the market. You all know know how much I love fruit and veggies. Very, very much!

For my Thursday-i,pßßLunch with my german-neighbor-girlfriend I brought some very nice salad. Delicious! And we took some of the bread that I made today with some butter. Hmm, but I am not allowed to eat to much. Carbs!!!!!!
Dinner went different than planned. A handful of french fries half of a soft ice and later a little bit of the inside of a kebab. I did not like it. Took no bread, shared with my babygirl and gave the rest to my oldest daughter. For desert I took some cherries from the market.
Not to forget water, water, water and again water.
Happy 5 Days to go!

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