Samstag, 19. Juli 2014

hCG Day 3

I felt so good without any headache or other discomfort! Surprising after a hot day with only 500 kcal. Not tired or anything, except I had a little hard time to concentrate in the afternoon. I was not hungry the whole day, actually after the last two days of eating so much, I felt relieved.

This is what I do now for the coming 20 more days.

1. dose of 5 hCG globules
weigh myself (which I will do on my Wii every morning in the hope and wish, to train a little bit)
For breakfast coffee or tea (for me my "Caro") that's actually it, but it does not seem right for me to not have a real breakfast so I will eat some plain yoghurt to it, I can put my psyllium seed in, or I will drink a little protein shake, if I have no time.
To start the day with an empty tummy, for me a no go!
Taking my vitamins, msm, omega3 and psyllium seed (which I do not know, if I will continue as I am a constant guest on the toilet for some time)
as a snack in between 100g fruit like an apple, orange or some strawberries
2. dose of 5 hCG globules
Lunchtime is fun time!
 lovely salad with some chicken, or fish, everything that the sea brings. 
There are so many varieties and they are soooo yummy!
in the afternoon again a fruit if wanted or needed
3. dose of 5 hCG globules
Dinner before 7 p.m. is suggested (mostly not for me)
veggies and  100g of meat, or fish, etc. to it. As a desert vitamins, msm and omega 3
4. dose of 5 hCG globules (before bedtime)
So, that is the theory, let me report how I did it today. I started like suggested 5 globules, weight myself, had a little shock, my weight changed so much in 2 days but on the other hand, I truly was sinning. (71,30 kg). But ok, 1 or 2 kg more is fine.
As I was working on two shirts and not at all hungry I just had an apple for lunch. It is still so very hot. I had lots and lots of water and felt very fine. In between the amount of globules like suggested.
For dinner er had this lovely salad (cucumber, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and some Beef, seasoned with salt) it was so delicious.
I did not eat enough I conclude, but I felt fine, so fine and after that package of "Maltesers" yesterday, oh boy, I will not have that for years again.
Still I need to get used to, what I can eat in between, but hey, that was my first actual day!

I am reading a lot at the moment about the history of the hCG diet. Extremly interesting, I have to say. It all started in the 1930's in Germany at the Heidelberg University with a british endocrinologist named Albert TW Simeons (1900-1970).
Day 1 of 500 kcal accomplished. 20 more to go!

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