Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014

hCG Day 5

my first thought this morning was "I am hungry, I need to eat!" it was 6 a.m. and not time to get up, or to eat. It all went well, I took my 5 globules, drank later some water and had a little plain yogurt with my psyllium seeds and not to forget all the vitamins and  supplements. After that I was all fine again. On facebook I found out that there are a lot of hCG groups, most of them are closed ones. Found that very interesting and on two I knocked on!
Sundays are somehow heavy days for me, as I am a person who likes to eat and celebrate. Sunday is a celebration for me and than not to have cake, ice-cream or something different yummy or much, is hard. So today the 500 kcal were hard for me. So I thought I celebrate my sunday-lunch with chicken, tomatoes, cucumber and a little tiny bit of feta. Mhmmmm
It was actually too much, so decided to not really eat for dinner. Wasn't hungry either, so I had a tomato. Not to eat is not smart at all, even if you are not hungry. I need to change that and I also need to get myself a digital scale, so I can truly see how many grams each apple, tomatoe, meat etc. has. Tomorrow, is good for that! And I will order "Das hCG Kochbuch"!
I still wonder why I feel so good and why I am not extremly hungry? Does that truly come from 5 globules? 

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