Montag, 21. Juli 2014

hCG Day 6

Cancelling dinner yesterday, was not a good idea! Now I know and will never do it again! I lost some more weight, but did not feel so fit this morning. After a "Caro" and my plain yogurt - much better.Today I asked on a hCG-Forum, what they eat for breakfast, or just drink a coffee or tea. One answered saying, an apple and her vitamins. Well, a nice suggestion. Running some errands with my bike and having an apple was good. I felt fine all day long.
Japanese salad, was my lunch today, very yummy!
And I got my favorite turkish drink.
Courgette and a tiny bit of chicken with salt, thyme and pepper for dinner.

In my role as mother I felt a little easily irritated. I have my 5 children not since yesterday, but it felt like it somehow.
Today was also the first day, where I missed to be able to talk to a "hCG fellow"! I am doing this all alone, so I think I have to make some friends!
Till tomorrow my invisible readers, A.-Alexandra

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