Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

Day 8

One week ago I started to join a group in the US through Facebook to eat healthier food and through that to live a happier life. The challenge is to do that for 30 day's and to see what that does to me and my body. I still hope I will be in better shape and loose some of the "Babyspeck". As there is a time difference I am always a Little ahead, which I do not really like. I feel sometimes a little alone and I see the daily challenges later in the day. Which does not matter to much. I like the support of these girls and to read their days of challenges and the food that is consumed, which is very different from mine.
This is my result of measurement after one week:
I lost 2 kg. 2 cm  on my tummy and 1 cm of my upper thigh. Honestly, I expected a little more of weight, but being back in my" monthly womanly schedule" it is probably even more, but not shown today.
Scrambled eggs I thought for breakfast, my smallest son decided to have it, do I quickly took some kwark with vanilla.
For lunch I had the left over from yesterday's dinner.
Dinner was very light to different sorts of salad as lunch filled me the rest of the afternoon and even evenings.

I love to season my salad with different garden herbs from "Sonnentor". Anyway Sonnentor has many nice and healthy things in their controlled biological cultivation sortiment from Austria. I always take something with me when I am in Austria, or ask for some presents.
Sport was a no for me today, but I did something very nice. I went to do something good for me and got a Reiki treatment. Which was very, very good and reactivated my energy flow again. At that I can truly use.
Happy 22 Day's to go

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