Mittwoch, 11. Juni 2014

Day 2

started with the thought to write a blog about me and the 30 Day's.  And it started to work out very fine.
Breakfast was very yummy. I ate a true Dukan pancakes with some kwark. I mostly like that and today I felt like it.

In between I had a little of a melon that my boys wanted. I love fruits so they are always part of my day.

For lunch I decided to have scrambled eggs with chives, 3 corn waffles with cottage cheese, tomato, ham and a glass of milk. It was enough and again water, water, water.

What do I want to achieve?
  1. loose weight if possible 5 kg. I know it will be much water first, but if I would see something like 68 kg on my scale I would be very, very happy.
  2. spend more time with myself and find inner peace. My plan is to start to do some Yoga again.
  3. it would be lovely to find the right schedule for my work out again. Some years ago I would work out 5 days in the week. If I could find my way to work out again at least 30 min. per day I would me more than happy.

Dinnertime came and I decided to make a chicken soup with broccoli, corn, carrot, onion and whipped  up eggs. I was so busy at dinner time, that there is no picture, sorry.

After the kids finally were in bed and the little ones sleeping I decided to do a work out of 30 min. and it turned out to be 45 min. I had so much fun. 30 min. step and 15 min boxing.

This is how I look after working out!

Happy 28 Day's to go

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