Samstag, 28. Juni 2014

Day 12

oh, oh oh! I have to admit, today went not soooooo good! Yesterday and two days ago, I had already the feeling, that I am missing something. Today I got it, twice. But let me start at the beginning.
Breakfast was fine. I had some Amaranth with banana in it. Then I went into the Center with my bakfiets and the children about 8 km one way, so 16 in total. I went shopping with one of my german girlfriends which was wonderful, I even found some nice things on sale from Benetton and Esprit. Only that Little bit of weight that I lost so far makes a difference to me. I was doing very good till I got some soft ice with little candy on it for my 3 year old, which refused to eat it, because it was in a cup instead of a cone. He was crying and screaming. Me of course understanding the Situation of disappointment of this little boy. I talked with him but to no a wheal. He did not want it and what do I do with it. Ice cream is not on my list to loose weight?
Oh boy! You will smile know, but I went and got him another soft ice without candies on it in an ice cream cone. So he was happy and I had the other ice cream in my hand. My first Intention was to throw it away, there was also no  homeless person close to give it to. So after some minutes I decided to eat it with my little girl. She loved it. I had to get used to it and felt very strongly how the sugar kicked in.
In total it was about 20 or more km on my bike, with the children and shopping so that was my work out. That sugar was not good for me. With sugar in my blood I become, on some days, very inpatient and the late afternoon showed that I am right in that. I was inpatient with my Kids, myself and I became slow which I do not like at all.
We had Hungarian Goulash Soup with potatoes, carrots and whole grains dumplings, late at about 8 pm. We always eat late, because evenings are the only time that we are together as a whole family. Today my husband was even much more late than that. But now comes my second mistake, I had some of the nice smelling potato Chips from the Young Woman's activity in our house.
I also had lots of water during the day, fruit and vegetables in the afternoon.
Happy 18 Day's to go

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