Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

Day 6

I started my day with a nice run. Did I mention that I love to run.

I love to run!

Since 3 weeks I am having difficulties to run. My left heel is not fine. Every time I am touching the ground it feels like sharp needles shooting up. I wanted to try again. Did well for the 30 minutes on soft ground, but during the afternoon, I had to pay the price of much pain.

Brunch was lovely! Scrambled eggs, tomatoes, corn, ham, feta cheese, salt, pepper and thyme with a nice green salad. Later in the afternoon I had a glas of  porridge.

We barbecued for dinner and I enjoyed very nice meat and a big salad again. No picture here!
I sinned - nuts in the middle of the night, when Meneer van Duin and I have some time alone and are watching a nice movie. 23:30 is way to late to have a Snack.
Happy 24 Day's to go

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