Samstag, 28. Juni 2014

Day 16

did not look different than Day 15 except I had a lovely dinner and a friends place, late but lovely and totally in norm, that little piece of chocolate with tea.
For breakfast I had little Dukan pancakes and yogurt. For dinner selfmade bread like yesterday. This kind of bread I love and I will eat it with much delight. In the afternoon I had lovely nuts but not to much, they make me sick if I have more than a hand full, which is the right amount. And again, lots of water.

I worked in my atelier all morning, at lunchtime I went to school for Overblijf (taking care of the kids during lunch break) in the afternoon I worked some more for my label and after that I cleaned the house and cooked for the children.

Today it was about 18 km in total on my bike and I can feel it! I had a lovely day, but it also turned out to be a little difficult, working, babysitter in the house and still taking care of everything around me. Fotos a no go! It did not even cross my mind to take some. Sorry!

Happy 14 Day's to go

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