Samstag, 28. Juni 2014

Day 15

Half way! I could not wait to see the measurement in the morning! Here we go!
I do am not very, very happy with it, but also not truly unhappy! I think I need to work better on it, or leave the ice cream and mousse chocolate away, the handful of chips of last week.

On the other hand it is going down, slowly but surely. As I do not weight so much, I can not expect to loose weight and cm too quick even though of course I would like too. It took 2 pregnancies to gain 15 kg, so it will take at least 1 year to loose it again. I am 10 kg away from I would love to weight and 2 kg from my goal for the Happy 30 Day's.
I had help with the children all day long and so I worked and worked for my label, WHAT A MiSS. Since I am a mother of 5 it is very difficult for me to work in my Atelier and be creative. So this was truly wonderful. I had little to eat, but felt fine.


Selfmade bread with butter, radish, toatoes and a nice glas of milk.

Scrambled eggs with hamburger meat and salad

No sport except riding to school very fast (I was late) and slowely back about 4 km, lots of water, and tea.

I do not know how this week will go as I want to take every minute for my business.
Happy 15 Day's to go

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