Samstag, 30. August 2014

Resume hCG

It is a very long time ago, that I reported about my hCG Days. Vacation was so good and I wish I would have some more soon. I had no Internet! Can you believe it? Wonderful! I did not miss it either, except when I was finished on my 30. Days and could not share how I did.
I had no scale. There were two in the vacation house but both did not work, so I could only go by measurement. Which were changing to the good. After my last day I could step on my fathers scale, which did not make me too happy.

hCG Globoli vorbei - 1. Aufbautag

letztes Resultat, Erfolg?
DIFFICULT is the right word to describe how it is on vacation to do a diet with only 500 kcal. I did not think so before, but it is very difficult especially when the food ring all your childhood-memories. Which was the case in Hungary and of course in Vienna. Vienna was even harder! The reward was though all the compliments that I got in my hometown. Lovely and that I could fit nice stuff.
Hungarian goulash soup

one of my favorite seafood

my first breakfast in Vienna, after my 30 Days
Now home from vacation and lovely food. Without a goal or going by a special plan I find it quite difficult and I am thinking already about a new project. We will see, one thing is for sure, it will not take long!
Let's go back to the beginning. This is how I started
6. Juli 2014
and this is how I ended
15. August 2014
After the two days of eating as much I can my weight was up to 71,30. With the 500 kcal my weight went down till 65,80 kg. When we left for Hungary I was at 66,20 kg/24,35 BMI, after that I had not possibility to weigh myself. My measurements are fine, but the number on my fathers scale shocked me. Being in Vienna I loved to eat all that I missed, not to much, but still after 500 kcal daily, of course my weight went a little up. This week I stepped on the Wii again and this is what it said - 67,90 kg / 24,94 BMI. And that after eating lovely Hungarian food, wonderful Austrian food and almost normal at home.
The hCG diet works. Fat is shrinking, the waist gets smaller. Lots of energy was my daily help and I felt so very good. Somehow I miss it! What it needs is DISCIPLINE!

Now writing all of it, (which took some days) so many weeks later I decided today to start again!

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